".....have  no  castles   from  our  past,  but  churches  and  monasteries   have  been  sown  all  over. 
The  churches  and monasteries  were  like  personal  homes   to  everyone - rulers  and  shepherds, 
literate  and  illiterates,  heroes and commoners...."


King's Church
Under Infidel Rule


We wish to express
gratitude to all of you, our unnamed friends, who have helped us creating this web pages.



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St_germa.jpg (11784 bytes)

St. Germanus, fresco, 1208/09, altar area of the church of the Virgin Mary
St_grap.jpg (12770 bytes)
St Theophanes Graptos, a famous
early 9th century poet, fresco,
1208/09, south vestibule of the
church of the Virgin Mary
St_steph.jpg (10504 bytes)
St Stephen, fresco at the entrance to the prothesis

Stjohnbp.jpg (13279 bytes)

St John the Baptist
(Forerunner), fresco,
1230-40, church of
St Nicholas



St_john.jpg (17708 bytes)

St John the Baptist
(Forerunner), fresco
icon on the north pilaster,
St_barl.jpg (13060 bytes)
St Barlaam, fresco,
1208/09, south wall of
the nave, church of the
Virgin Mary
St_sabb.jpg (10750 bytes)
St Sabbas of Jerusalem,
fresco icon, 1208/09
south pilaster

Std_vir1.jpg (22280 bytes)

The "Studenica" Virgin
fresco, 1208/09, south
pilaster of the nave
St_joas1.jpg (14119 bytes)
St Joasaph, fresco,
1208/09, south wall of
the nave




These web pages are dedicated to the thousands of Serbian orphans, the innocent victims of man's inhumanity to man.



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Those are mistaken who say that Kosovo stopped the wheel of our, Serbian, history and held us back. If it had not been for Kosovo, we would have been a
great nation today. It was Kosovo that made us a great nation. It is our Golghota; but it is at the same time our spiritual and moral resurrection.

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