Under Infidel Rule

".....have  no  castles   from  our  past,  but  churches  and  monasteries   have  been  sown  all  over. 
The  churches  and monasteries  were  like  personal  homes   to  everyone - rulers  and  shepherds, 
literate  and  illiterates,  heroes and commoners...."


King's Church
Under Infidel Rule


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From Turkish registers (defters) complied in 1455 and 1485 it can be seen that estates with villages which bordered on Studenica's property were distributed as fiefs to the sultan's warriors. The fraternity was left to fend for itself, to preserve what remained to the monastery and rely on this for its subistence. Throughout its later history, the monastic community, deprived of rich powerful benefactors, had to turn for aid to a large number of small contributors with no great wealth and no power whatsoever.

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Charter issued by Walachian Voivoda Matthias Bassarab in 1644 endowing Studenica with an annual income of 6,000 aspers
Whereas legal problems caused by the disappearance of Christian rulers were solved by the church authorities assuming the role of the vanished royal patrons, no solutions was to be found for financing difficulties.

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Charter of Walachian Voivoda Gregory Ghica confirmed his predecessor's annual gift of 6,000 aspers to Studenica

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The Apostles' Communion, north section of the painting on the 1569 fresco layer, altar area of the church of the Virgin Mary

Last_jd1.jpg (14902 bytes)

The Last Judgement, fresco, 1568, east wall of Nemanja's narthex church of the Virgin Mary

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Reliquary for a fragment of the Holy Cross, gilded silver, 1628/29




These web pages are dedicated to the thousands of Serbian orphans, the innocent victims of man's inhumanity to man.



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Those are mistaken who say that Kosovo stopped the wheel of our, Serbian, history and held us back. If it had not been for Kosovo, we would have been a
great nation today. It was Kosovo that made us a great nation. It is our Golghota; but it is at the same time our spiritual and moral resurrection.

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