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on Holy Mountain of Athos
in this, 1998 year the Chilandar Monastery celebrates its 800th Anniversary as the Serbian Orthodox Monastery

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Iconostasis in the chapel of the Miracle of the Virgin's Veil (Pokrov) with icons painted in 1798. The richly carved and gilded 18th-century iconostasis exemlifiers the spirit of Levantine baroque which appeared on Athos iconostases as early as 1611, when the great iconostasis in the Protaton church at Karyes was completed.


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Imperial doors from 1773 which originally belonged to a Chilandar chapel.
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Iconostasis of the main church, executed in c. 1774. It forms an integral part of the church interior, together with the richly carved furniture. The interior reflects western influences which reached Athos during the 17th and 18th centuries.




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The woodcarved iconostasis in the chapel of the Virgin's Nativity - second half of the 18th century.

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