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in this, 1998 year the Chilandar Monastery celebrates its 800th Anniversary as the Serbian Orthodox Monastery

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The hospital capel, dedicated to the Miracle of the Virgin's Veil (pokrov) was painted with frescoes in 1740 throught the efforts of archimandrite kyr Gerasimus and the "sons" of the Sarajevo church community. Archimandrite Gerasimus is shown on the west wall holding a model of the chapel.
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Three Holy Warriors, fresco on the southern wall of the chapel of St. George on the pyrgos of the same name, the work of an associate of Pop Danilo from 1671
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St Nicholas, icon on the iconostasis of the chapel dedicated to this saint, a work of Pop Danilo, from 1667


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SS Demetrius and Nestor, icon from the last quarter of the 17th century, painted by the Chilandar zograf Dorotheus.


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The Holy Face (Mandylion), a Russian icon from the early decades of the 16th century, the work of the painter Evremus (Efrem)


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The Virgin with Christ, seventh decade of the 14th century
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In the chapel of the Virgin's Nativity

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