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in this, 1998 year the Chilandar Monastery celebrates its 800th Anniversary as the Serbian Orthodox Monastery

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Several pieces of embroidery in the monastery treasury can be dated to the last decades of the 14th and first decades of the 15th century. It is impossible to establish a direct connection between any icon or work of embroidery from the Lazarevich period and any individual member of the family, but such a connection cannot be discounted either.


Epitaphios with the Lametition, from the 15th century. The embroidery was the work of a certain Siropul, and commisioned by a certain John (Jovan). It is beleived to have been kept in the monastery of Lesnovo before reaching Chilandar.

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Aer with scenes of the Annuncation and Christ's Nativity section, from the late 14th or early 15th century.

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Epitaphios of John (Jovan) metropolitan of Skopje, from the mid-14th century. The embroidered border is of somewhat later date.

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Embroidered curtain for the imperial doors of the iconostasis, presented to Chilandar in c. 1399 by the nun Euphemia, a famous poetess.

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